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Video Library of Healing Oasis Services

Healing Oasis offers unique services that detox and recharge your body, mind & emotions. We are home to Intuitive Guide, Beverly Lucas. These videos are intended to offer a peek inside the Healing Oasis Menu of services.  We have recently added a WELLNESS PROGRAM along with the PERL resonate light frequency device, which is the star of the Wellness Program. All of our services are designed to support your healing journey.

Drop In.  No Appointment needed.  Great way to relax and release tight tired muscles.  $15, fifteen minutes.  Or 10 sessions for $99

Detox In The Micro-Oxygen Bubble Tub

Detoxing Is A Curial Part Of The Healing Journey

Included with your soak is a blend of detoxing salts (dead sea salt, baking soda, epsom salt, essential oils and borax)  


We provide your towels, rose water body spritz and hemp body lotion.


The Power That Made The Body

Heals The Body  BJ Palmer

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