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Video Library of Healing Oasis Services

Healing Oasis offers unique services that detox and recharge your body, mind & emotions. We are home to the powerful Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Aura Chakra Clearing performed by Intuitive Healer, Beverly Lucas.  We anticipate adding the Revolutionary Energy Enhancement System to our menu of services. Learn more by watching the videos. 

What Is The Energy Enhancement All About

Revolutionary Healing  Bio-Scalar Technology

How The Energy System Works

Interview with inventor, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Imagine What Your

Miracle Healing Story Will Be


Our motto at Healing Oasis is "Love and Light" helps to heal consciousness "ONE SOUL AT A TIME". The "Love" is self Love and Compassion.  The "Light" is the frequency of Divine Creator.  BJ Palmer (the father of chiropractic) made a very profound statement "THE POWER THAT CREATED THE BODY.....HEALS THE BODY" 

As humans on this planet we are in a very damaging detrimental field of energy. It is time to negate that fields influence on us. It is time to get back to our true pattern, to repair our DNA and to move back into health of body mind and emotions. The ENERGY ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM is the Revolutionary Quantum Physics process for doing just that.


It is time to do our part to go way beyond helping one soul at a time. Thank you all for being a part of the Healing Oasis Family and I hope you join us in our endeavor to bring EES to our community, to heal each other, our relatives, our friends, our coworkers, our neighbors and the planet!

I learned about EES in April of 2023, I have had 25-30 hours in the EES. All of my blood issues and allergy issues are gone. I look better, and healthier than I have since my twenties. My energy levels are super high. No longer do I appear ghostly, I am youthful, red lips and cheeks. I have said for years that I have survived on CHI, I know the body heals it's self if given the right tools. As a channeler of energy I have assisted many of you in your physical, mental and spiritual healing, by using this same energy, just at a smaller level of intensity.

Dave & I look forward to the day when we can bring this Quantum Healing to all of you. You need to recharge your energy, to detox, and regenerate your wellness, by relaxing in the Energy Chamber as much as possible.  The sessions will be affordable, hours of operation will be extended and the space will be comfortable, quiet and serine, so that your healing experience is at its highest Divine Level of healing for you!

Detox In The Micro-Oxygen Bubble Tub

This is a powerful, amazing way to detox, it is a full body immersion, liquid sauna. The nano bubbles of oxygen are so small that they are able to penetrate the bodies pores, cleaning the derma and adding many other benefits. 


Included with your soak is a blend of detoxing salts (dead sea salt, baking soda, epsom salt, essential oils and bentonite clay powder)

Detoxing Is A Curial Part Of The Healing Journey

Healing Oasis Offers Many Options:

  • A Foot Bath Soak (with the detox salts)

  • A negative ionic detox foot bath

  • A far-infrared and near infrared sauna

  • The Micro-Oxygen Tub Soak

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