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Hello and welcome to Healing Oasis

A dear client of mine once told me that, " People will always forget what you say, but they will never forget how you make them feel".  Hi, I am Beverly Lucas, creator and facilitator at Healing Oasis of West Ashley in Charleston , SC.   We invite you  to enjoy a Detoxing Spa Day. Breathe in the relaxing at home atmosphere. Have a cup of tea while you relax in our Salty Air Retreat. Our hope is that the services and therapies we  offer will help enhance your  quality of life.


Please browse the website, check out the many detoxing and energizing services and therapies that we offer.  See ya soon, right here at our little Oasis in West Ashley.

My Story

Hi, I am Beverly Lucas, your facilitator at Healing Oasis of West Ashley in Charleston , SC. 


I always have trouble writing these "About me" segments.  They often read like, "I was born in a log cabin" , or here is my resume;  so let me just say that I am an old soul, who shines my light, who sees the energy within and around you.   As facilitator, I assist you in understanding the stuck energy, whether it be rooted in emotions or some physical trauma. I assist you in releasing that energy, so that you may live a better quality of life.


The one question everyone ask is, " How long have you been doing this type of work ? "  They do not want the list of credentials, they want to hear that I have 20 years of experience, which in their mind makes me a Master at what I do.  I am a Master at listening, a Master at caring, a Master of gently releasing old stuck trauma (energy).   The body talks, it puts off signals, reveals  it's stuck emotions that are often the root causes, it reveals the traumas and injuries;  I simply listen, offer compassion,  light and love.  Then I put to use all that education and experience as a Liscened Massage Therapist, a  Crainio-Sacral Therapist, A Reflexologist, A Reiki Master, and so on.  

My real resume is the testimonials, from individuals who have experienced their own healing;  and how you feel after  working with me.  My real teachers are you my clients. My gifts are from deep within my Devine Self.  My light shines so that you may receive.

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