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Healing Oasis is equipped with a special generator that grinds pharmaceutical grade salt into micro size, enabling one to breathe dry salt which naturally detoxes your lungs and skin, improves your immunity system and is great for your overall wellness, since salt is a natural antibacterial and anti fungal. The benefits of breathing salt enhanced neg ionized air are incredible. Further information is available at our Sunset Beach Website,   


Sunset Beach Breath Spa

within Healing Oasis of West Ashley



      Your Salty Air Retreat is enhanced with an advanced breathable arousal salt, blended with mint and eucalyptus.

Beautiful background music, swirling lights bounce off the walls, creating a very relaxing atmosphere; while the salty air creates a negative ion energy for deep relaxation.​

Children ages 0-11 are FREE with paying ADULT

Salty Air Retreat 

Pricing Menu

Single Get Salty Experience                     $30

One 45 minutes Salt Room Experience                                                           $10   members

Get Salty Experience For Two                    $49.

Salt room experience for 2 persons. 

Its loads of fun and very relaxing. 

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