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Appointments Are Available, But Not Required


Wednesday - Friday  9 am  -  5 pm       Saturday  & Sunday 9 am - 4 pm


Illustration of the main 7 chakras

Medical Breakthrough 8 Massage

Medical Breakthrough chairs are more than just massage chairs—they were designed to help heal your body. 

Contraindicated:  Pregnant Individuals, those with osteoporosis, those with electronic medical devices, individuals with a fever, injury or skin diseases, under age of 15

Amazing Mechanical Reflexology

Auto Smart Body Scanning

Auto Smart Healing Programs

Air-cell Therapy

Chiropractic Body Twist

Full Body Stretch

3 D Deep Tissue

Reflexology Foot  & Hand Massage

Human Hand Touch: Burmese Knead, Thai Tapping, Shiatsu

Special Arm and Scapula Massage

Intensity & Speed Control

Far Infrared Heat

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