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Resonant Light Technology

Integrating Light, Sound, & Frequencies on a Carrier Wave


PERL stands for Photon, Emission Resonate Light. The device is the new Revolutionary System that originated as the "RIFE" Machine. Frequency Medicine is not a new thing. What is new is how we recieve the frequencies. The PERL is a plasma emmission device, the frequencies are emitted as a plused electromagnetic field. Which means the frequencies can travel through walls, concrete, clothing ,etc in a range of 30 feet radius; and be received by many persons at the same time.

Covid 19

How Do 

Frequencies Work?

Based on the premise that all living matter vibrates to a specific frequency. When a specific frequency resonates with a specific pathogen, the matching resonance of the pathogen and the emanating frequency occurs, the life force of the pathogen is immobilized or devitalized and what we then have is die off. The receiving subject may then herx or detox. Once the freqeuncies have eliminated the viruses, parasites, & bacteria's that are creating desease and dysfunction in the body; then we can begin healing on all levels, phsically, mentally and emotionally.

"Healing Is An Art.
It Takes Time.
It Takes Patience.
It Takes LOVE"

How Is The Perl Frequencies Program Going to Work?

Convenient & Affordable: 
  • General sessions are important to both maintain health, increase energy levels,  decrease stress, balance systems, reduce or eliminate pain, and detox. These sessions are also extremely important to support your needs while on this wellness journey to help fight against disease & disfunction. These are 2 hour sessions.

  • Specific Wellness Sessions allow you to select from the PERL Menu.  They are 3 hour sessions and work in conjunction with the general sessions. These are specific to heal disease and disorders.

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The Road To Good Health Is Paved With Good Intestines


Cancer & Lyme Disease Regimen

Healing Oasis understands that battling cancer and Lyme Dease can create a feeling of anxiousness. The PERL device is considered to be a complementary in nature and not meant to replace traditional care. There are many supportive frequencies that can offer strenghtening of the body, to aid your battles. Both Cancers and Lyme Dease reguire very extensive frequencies that need to run throughout the day and night. Lyme's also requires continued maintenance. It is suggested that you purchase your own system for usage at home. The PERL frequencies does have a 30 feet range and is portable. There is a precise program to follow and charts to assist. Resonant Light System (the older rife machine) has 30 years of research and scientific data.

Exploring The Space

Imagine all you do is relax in a recliner, fall asleep or meditate while the system does its MAGIC.


The space is serine & uniquely decorated. There is seating for up to 6 persons. Our Tachyon Energy Pyramid is also in the room, and is equipped with a queen size sleeping mattress. 

Hours for PERL

 Wednesday  -  Saturday

  9 am - 6 pm



Thursday - Saturday

9 pm - 7 am

       (NO Overnights Until Energy Room is Complete)

Group Meditations will not begin until after the large room is complete

Shattering Cancer Video

Frequency Programs




  • ENERGETIC OVERHAUL to help facilitate change  







  • Set # 1 Endocrine System, calming adrenals, stress, boosting energy & Metabolism

  • Set # 2  Nerve & Muscle & Disorders:

         Spinal issues, Chronic Inflammation, Scar             tissue, Restless Leg Syndrome, Central &

         Peripheral Nervous System

  • Set # 3:  Auto Immune


        Set # 4:  Toxin Removal:

         Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Chemical

         Poisoning, food poisoning


  • Set # 5:  MicroOrganisms:

  • Molds, Funguses, Bacteria


        Set # 6: MicroOrganisms, Viruses,               Parasites & The Bacteria that they                   carry

        Set # 7: Bones, Muscle, Ligaments

        and tendons:  Scar Tissue, Frozen                   Shoulder,  Repetitive Stress 

         Injuries, sprains & bone general                       health and more

Special Events

 Group Meditation:

Every Friday,  6-7:30 pm


Frequencies that will be running in the NEW PERL are:

  • Schumann Grounding

  •  Inner Calm  (Deep relaxation and inner stillness, run to prepare one’s body mind and spirit.)

  • Solfeggio  (Putting mind body and spirit in balanced resonance, used in ancient Gregorian Chants.)

  • Cosmic Tone

  • Transformation Series      

  • Astral Projection              (Achieve a deepened state of meditation, relaxation, spiritual awakening, transformation of self, removal of energetic blocks, due to emotional trauma.)

$49 per person
For Group Meditation

cash or card is accepted,
cash preferred

Group Meditations will start April 19, at 6 pm. It will held in the large room. Occupancy is approximately 10 persons. 


We have mats, back jacks, eye blinders. You make bring yoga mats, etc


I    I have suffered from Lyme for many years. Brain fog, low-grade fever, and other health concerns became an ongoing situation for me. I also found it difficult to make it through a day of work. I have been using the PERL-M+ for over one year. I have been using the Primary Support banks, Candida, E-coli, H- Pylori, Parasites, Thyroid, and Adrenals, along with the Lyme Protocols. I am very pleased with my results I feel that so far my overall health has improved 70%. ...My friends and family have commented and noticed a great improvement in me overall. I would like to thank everyone at Resonant Light Technology this device has saved my life!

Source: Carol E., Wisconsin, USA


     My wife has had ringing in her ears for years. We ran protocol for Tinnitus. The ringing in her ears has stopped after one treatment. She also has Fibromyalgia and the PERL has been very efficient with it.......

Source: D.M., Indiana

I    I have been using  PERL and I am very happy with it. The device really helps with general things like pain relief from Arthritis. I have Lyme disease and have been treating myself for parasites and Lyme co infections........ I suffered from brain fog as well. I feel that this device has greatly contributed to the improvement in my ability to concentrate. I have much improved clarity of thought! I suffered from fatigue, and now I have much improved energy!

Source: Mary P., OR, USA



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