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Healing Oasis Makes Detoxing An Elegant Experience

Sampler SPA Detox Package for One or Two Persons


Includes choice of three services:

  • Ionic Detox Foot Bath

  • Red-Light Therapy

  • Medical Massage Chair

  • Far-Infrared Sauna

  • Micro-Bubble Tub (hydro-therapy)

  • Salty Air Retreat (halo-therapy)

  • Scalar Wave Recharge

Approximately 1.50 hours for one person & 3 hours for two, depending on choices

$ person   $158. two persons

Relaxing In A Soothing Lavender Soak
Relaxing, Healing Spa Package

Healing Frequencies 

Spa Packages


  • Micro-Bubble Tub Soak with mineral salts

  • Two Hours Scalar Healing Frequencies


Scalar Detox Package

  • A Two Hours Scalar & An Ionic Detox Foot Bath

$70 total

Limited Availability
call or text to book

Foot Reflexology, Oh So Soothing

R & R Massage 
SPA Package


  • Red - Light Session

  • Micro-Bubble Tub

  • One Hour Signature Massage 


Limited Availability
call or text to book

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