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Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Simply put your feet in the water, and within minutes millions of negative ions enter your body,  immediately beginning the flushing of tissues metabolic waste. At Healing Oasis we use The Optimum Energy Enhancement System, designed to give you the best and safest detox. Results vary per person, the best results come with continuous usage.  Make the Ionic Detox a part of your Wellness Program.

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Each foot bath will help the body with cellular cleansing and releasing of toxins from different areas (lymph system, liver, skin, joints, etc) Results may or may not be experienced immediately,  it is a cumulative effect. -Hydrates & Oxygenates the cells -Relief of muscle aches and joint pain -Increased energy -Improved sleep -Better nutritional absorption -Toxin reduction -Decreased swelling / inflammation -Improved circulation -Improved skin conditions -Improved mood -Heavy metal detoxification -Heal faster -Improved immune system -A means of cleansing the body naturally, at the body's own pace


Reflexology Add On

Reflexology is a wonderful enhancement to the Ionic Detox Foot Bath. Add on a sampler of Reflexology to your foot bath for $20 extra.

Healing Foot Soaks


Warm soaking for feet  is a therapeutic practice  in many cultures of the world. Soaking can offer many benefits for healing and detoxing on all levels. Healing Oasis soaks include a blend of Dead Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Bentonite Clay, and Borax; which are naturally loaded with mineral, anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterials and more.

Footbath pricing

$35. single person
$60. two persons


 In order to obtain optimum benefit from the detox process it is important to be well hydrated and your electrolytes should be in balance.  We  will be offering everyone a water or hot tea to help ensure your hydration.

deep cleanse program

The suggested deep cleanse program consists of 12 sessions over a 6 weeks period. After a desired number of cycles has been completed then a maintenance program of once a month is recommended

$179. Discount Package of
             12 sessions


The Ionic Detox Foot Bath using The Optimum Energy System is contraindicated for individuals with a pacemaker or any other implanted electrical devises. Any one with an organ transplant, those with epilepsy, or in the first or last trimester of pregnancy.

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