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Health Is Energy Flowing Freely




Physical Stuck Energy

There are both feminine and masculine energies linked to the chakras, organs, muscles and bones. Clearing stuck energy from the organs and muscles is extremely beneficial in your day to day life. Trapped energy comes from many sources, whether from trauma, emotions, relationship issues, accidents, fear, anger, etc. Often we can move these energies through self care. Examples are movement through dance, running, brisk walks on the beach, singing, yelling; more simple daily activities such as long soaks in the bath with dead sea salts, shifting energy can be as simple as cleaning house, rearranging the furniture, gardening, painting,etc. Activities that shift the mind and allow the energies to flow. Discover for youself what works for you, using the key principle of movement


Releasing Old Energies

Releasing old energies can be very difficult. Often individuals have patterns throughout their life. It may be a new job with different people, however the same problems arise. Or maybe all your relationships end the same way. These energies are carried over life time afer life time and are in your Auric Field. Energy can never be destroyed, but it can be transformed. We create patterns from vows or contracts eons ago that are still being carried out. Only you can release yourself of those patterns, vows, contracts, lies, etc. Energies can carry on from the family line or false belief sytems. Self discovery of only dealing with what is yours and letting go of what is not your energy, is a huge release.

Aura & Chakra Clearing

The aura, often depicted as colorful waves of energy, reflect the many states of our being. The Auric field, also known as your "Akashic Field" holds the energetic imprint of you. Often other individuals energies move into your field, these are not yours and need to be cleared out. If you accept the energies, then they can effect you. Picture the body as an intricate dance of energies – a symphony where each movement contributes to the overall harmony. We constantly are effected by the flow of energies moving in and out of our field. That is how aroma therapy can soothe or stimulate the physical body. That is why certain colors or sound waves effect you in a positive or negative way. Myself, as the Facilitator of the Energetic Massage, becomes a choreographer in the dance, guiding the energies to flow freely. As tension melts away under my hands, the aura responds by shedding negativity and embracing a state of balance. The result is a holistic rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. How can you tell if you would benefit from an Energetic Massage? Symptoms of an energy imbalance are such issues as a feeling of heavyness, a feeling of not being grounded, brain fog, no clarity in the mind, trouble sleeping, or something just not feeling balanced. How often do I need an Energetic Massage? Often Self Care is all we need to make a shift. If these symptoms are presistant, then it may be time for a little help.


5 Basic Elements

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The 5 basic elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether are linked into our chakra system. Using the energetic freqeuncies of these elements are powerful healers. CHAKRAS CAN BE OVERACTIVE, UNDERACTIVE, OR BLOWN OUT, WHICH CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS PHYSICAL ISSUES.

"The Power That Made The Body, Heals The Body"  BJ Palmer


Self LOVE is....

Self Forgiveness

Self Awareness

Self Approval

Not Judging Self

Self Love Is....

Gift wrapping that big old pile of dung that we call our stuff and lying it on the alter of your soul. Self Love Is.... Asking for forgiveness for mis-using the gift of energy, from CREATOR, to create that which is not of good. Self Love Is.... Asking your SOUL, which is you, to accept your big pile of dung and to extract from the pile only the dropplets of wisdom from your lives journey. Asking your SOUL to transmute all the "stuff" that doesn't matter. AFTER ALL WE ACCEPTED THIS JOURNEY TO LIVE IN A HUMAN BODY, WITH ALL ITS UPS & DOWNS. The journey was so that the human and the SOUL can gain wisdom; and in the process learn to "LOVE EACH OTHER AND OUR SELF'S" unconditionally. BEVERLY LUCAS

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