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Holiday Specials

Thanks for your patronage to Healing Oasis;  your place of serenity to escape the chaos of life, to recharge your energy, to detox your systems and so much more.  We have put together a few Holiday Specials that offer you a  big savings and enable you to take care of you a little easier. To purchase go to

Gift Certificates.  You may purchase for yourself or give as a gift.

Holiday Special pricing good until Jan 31, 2024

Christmas Presents

Healing Oasis

One Year Membership


Give the gift that keeps on giving. Your loved one can receive super discounts at Healing Oasis all year long simply by becoming a member at this low price of $50 for an entire year, starting from the day that they activate the gift certificate.

Package Price

Package of 10 red-light sessions for $109

Red-Light  / Salt Room Package

Package of 10 red-lights and 10 salts
(must be booked on same day)   $198



Gift Certificates

Gift certificate for a Detox Foot Bath Package of Three Sessions ....$60  or the DELUXE DETOX FOOT BATH PACKAGE OF 12 SESSIONS .....$189

Detox and Oxygenate in the Micro-Bubble Tub 

3 soaks for only $99.....OR A YEAR SOAK  

(12 sessions or one a month, with mineral salts)....$348  (that is $29 each)


Clearing Energy Gift Certificates

Clearing your energy field (aura/chakra) is a very important gift that you should gift yourself, and a friend. Holiday Special Price AURA CHAKRA CLEARING....$79

Are you experiencing blockages of energy?  This Cranio-Sacral Package is a great gift for yourself or a friend. INCLUDES:  FOUR CRAINO-SACRAL SESSIONS PLUS 4 RED-LIGHT SESSIONS...$340

(620 value)


Full Spectrum Massage

Spa Package

THE PERFECT GIFT!  The Massage Spa Package

Includes a One hour unique Full Spectrum Massage plus a choice of two of Healing Oasis services: 

  • Detox Foot Bath

  • Micro-Bubble Tub Soak (with mineral salts)

  • Red-Light Therapy

  • Far Infra-red Sauna

  • Salty Retreat Experience

Special Price of $169


Acu-Facial with Red-Light

Healthy Glam Holiday Special

Gift Certificates Available  $99  (165 value)  until Jan 15, 2024

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Treatment Includes: 

  • Qi Facelift

  • Full Body Red Ligth Therapy

  • Facial Gua Sha Massage wiht Organic Essential Oils

310.428.4642 Dakini Acupuncture

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