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Project Energy Enhancement Room
Is Underway !

We are so excited about the up and coming installation of the Bio-Scalar Energy Enhancement System at Healing Oasis. There is a one year waiting list for the system (due to its high demand), once you have experienced the POWER of the system you will understand the need and the desire to be in a Energy Enhancement Room as much as possible. 

Dave has his tools ready and is excited for the multiple stages of the project. Since this is highly technical equipment requiring a large space we will be taking down a wall and moving the salt room. Keep a watch on this page for updates,  and pictures of the progress.  

While we all wait on our system we encourage you to learn more about the Energy Enhancement System through the videos on this site. There are locations across the globe , in neighboring states and cities near us.


Visit the website



Revolution in Healing

Coming Soon To Healing Oasis of West Ashley

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Donations to the Energy Enhancement project at Healing Oasis are greatly appreciated. Our room size is 11 X 20 with 16 units (can go up to 24 units if funds allow) will seat 6-8 persons, and have an overnight sleeping option in the energy pyramid.

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