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"Exploring the Healing Power of Energy Frequencies: Scalar & Photon Emission Resonate Light"

Healing Oasis Has Re-Invented It's Self 

We are pleased to be offering Energy Frequency Medicine at Healing Oasis, Charleston, SC Albert Einstein is famous for having said "Energy is the Medicine of the future". Now is that time, science is discovering more and more, what the ancients knew so long ago; that sound waves can charge & regenerate on a cellular level. Helping to optimize you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually

We are experiencing incredible results with the New PERL, Photon Emission Resonate Light System. Integrating Light, Sound, and Frequencies. Sound frequencies like Solfeggio are explored in much of our new age music. Deeper meditations and reducing stresses can often be accomplished by tuning in to these frequencies. NEW REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY uses a carrier wave like Scalar and Photon Emissions that carry the frequencies straight into the cell and brain, for incredible almost instance changes.

Our cell phones, must be charged, our computer systems defragged and such as that; but we don't remember that we are energetic beings and that our systems must be charged, and that our systems operate best under certain conditions. Such a simple list of conditions: Human beings need to hold a charge of around 70-90 mili-volts, most individuals operate at 20-30 mili-volts, we should always maintain a higher PH level, 7 + is ideal, our systems need to be oxygenated, hydrated and essential minerals balanced.

Working with Frequencies to recharge plays a huge part in that quest to maintain our systems: frequencies detox, clean and heal organs, reduce stress levels, balance hormones, boost immunity, offer clarity of mind, processes our food better, and so much more. Imagine relaxing in a recliner, sleeping, reading, meditating, while your brain indulges its's self on healing frequencies, what is so difficult about that. Set an appointment soon and discover what The NEW PERL and Scalar Waves can do for you.

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