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Healing Oasis of West Ashley &

Sunset Beach Spa & Breath Room

772 St. Andrews Blvd.        Charleston, SC 29407      843.743.5222

MicroBubble  Tub Therapy

Using Oxygenated MicroBubble Technology​

Now Offering A Highly Innovative Luxury Tub Soaking Experience

 MicroBubble Oxygenated Therapy

Serenity ​as you immerse yourself in hot water that never cools down,  candles flickering all around you, and soft new age music playing in the background, makes this a experience well worth becoming a part of your wellness plan.  Also a great compliment to other therapies like the salt room, and full spectrum massage.

This is not a hot tub with jacuzzi jets,  it's quiet & soothing; 

some say the experience is "A Piece of Heaven".

Healing Oasis of West Ashley introduces  Hydro"MicroBubble Tub Therapy",  a calming therapy that offers many added benefits to your tub soaking experience.  MicroBubble technology is a process of infusing  pressurized water with billions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. The billions of  micro-bubbles reach where mere water and soap can not. The bubbles are so small (less than 2000th of an inch) that they can penetrate gently into your pores; and they are negatively charged. This means that any dirt or impurities in the pores will be naturally attracted to the bubble and lifted away.  Sit back and relax as your bath transforms into a soothing cloud of tiny bubbles that help to moisturize, soften, restore, exfoliate your skin and so much more. Feel your muscles releasing built up tension.

Actual tub at Healing Oasis of West Ashley,  7 feet long, 41 inches wide, 24 inches deep. Big enough for 2 persons.

MicroBubble Features & Benefits:

  • Billions of bubbles that reach the entire body surface
  • Sterilizing effect for bacteria and fungus
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Moisturizes and softens skin
  • Deeper cleansing of the pores to reduce impurities
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Increased hydration and oxygen levels
  • Increases circulation
  • Removes toxins from skin
  • Helps with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Improves immunity system

“The effects of Hydro MicroBu​bble Therapy will stay with you long after the experience is over.”

Full Spectrum 

Massage Spa  Package

Thirty Minute Micro-Bubble Soak   

Twenty Minute Red Light Therapy 

Plus One and Half Hour 

Full Spectrum Massage

$199.  single person usage

$159.   members

Couples Soak

MicroBubble Tub Soak

& Far Infrared Sauna

$89.  two people  

$79     members

The room is yours for one hour, 

some couples soak together, some split the time 

between the tub and sauna.  

Shower and towels are provided.


Soothing Micro-Bubble Tub Soak​

(oxygen hydro therapy)

$69. single person soak

$49.  member cost

Thirty Minute Soak, towels are provided. The tub is sanitized between each usage, and filled with clean water. (Mineral bath salts additional cost)




When I found out Beverly was getting a soaking tub I was beyond excited. The thought of getting in a tub to soak and relax away stress sounded so inviting. I’ve been to other places with “soaking tubs” where your upper body and or lower body is still out of the water. Being 6 feet tall I was skeptical if it would be an actual soaking tub experience.

This past weekend I was able to try out the tub and I was not disappointed. Before getting in the tub Beverly had me pick what bath salt I wanted to use. With the choice of Stress Relief, Detox or Muscle Relaxing I choose to use Muscle Relaxing salt. As I got in the tub I was surprised at how deep the tub was. I was able to comfortably sit and soak completely covered in water. I was shocked that not only was the tub deep enough for me to be covered above my shoulders I was able to soak my legs completely as well. No bending of the knees required.

Once I was in the tub I turned the jets on and laid my head back to rest. The jets have a 20 minute timer that you can restart again if you want. I was shocked at how quickly the time flew by. I was able to relax and float a bit in the tub without thinking of other things which is so hard for me. My brain doesn’t like to shut off. I will definitely becoming back and soaking in the tub. Next time I have the soaking tub experience I will be pairing it with a cranial sacral massage.