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Meet Your Practitioners

Beverly Lucas, LMT, CST

"People won't always remember what you say or do, but they will always remember the way you make them feel". 

This statement is a favorite of mine and it is so true.  My clients always comment that they feel lighter and happier;  often many find it impossible to put into words what they have experienced and exactly how they have changed.  My passion is helping people feel better in every aspect of the whole person - physically - mentally - emotionally - and spiritually.   How we feel in all these areas of who we are is a true barometer.

I was introduced to Reflexology in my early teens, I  was excited that I could make myself  better  by applying pressure and intention to the different spots on my feet and magical I  could feel the changes in my body.  Little did I know at that moment that those early years of learning Reflexology was  a stepping stone for things to come.  I was told by many through out the years that I had a special gift, but not until my 50's did I continue  courses of study in  Massage Therapy,  Cranio-Sacral  Therapy, Reconnective Healing,  Reiki and Quantum Touch.  Where I received my formal training in all of these areas I always say that my Gifts as an Intuitive Healer and the knowledge I have comes from a Higher Power.  My ability to connect with the Higher Consciousness and become a conduit for the Creators flow of Healing Energy is really what is happening. You are your own healer, I just bring forth the Energy that services you and me.

Spirit always connects us with those who need the help, I look forward to meeting you and sharing "Love and Light".  To schedule an appointment please contact me at 843-743-5222 or email your request to [email protected].

From My Heart To Yours,

Beverly Lucas, LMT, CST

David Lucas, LMT

Rev. Universal Life Church

David adds the element of masculine energy to Healing Oasis. His passion for all our clients, friends and community is very evident through his actions, commitment and service. David is a recent graduate of Southeastern Institute, massage therapy school. He has been affectionately named a unicorn in the massage world, because there is just no other like him. His gifts of intuition, strength and a tender compassionate touch is what makes his massage unique and sets him apart from the rest.

David's favorite part of massage is foot reflexology and he incorporates it well into all of this sessions. Book an appointment with David and discover why is nick-named "The Unicorn".

Dave is the part of the backbone of Healing Oasis, co-founder, architect, maintenance man and landscaper; he feels this too to be an important part of his Ministry.  To schedule an appointment with David please call 843-730-4818 or email your request to l[email protected].

Practices  Within Healing Oasis, LLC

Dakini Acupuncture

Paige Hetherington, L.Ac.

Paige Hetherington, graduated with honors from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. She is National Board Certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. She received specialize training in Fertility, Cosmetic and Addiction Medicine. After practicing for ten years in California she has settled in Charleston where she looks forward to utilizing her gifts to help others arrive at a greater level of vibrant health.

Paige has recently returned from a mission to Nepal with the Doctors without borders program where her gifts and passion was so greatly needed.  Paige is also creator of a fabulous program enjoyed by so many,  "The Sacred Acupuncture Meditation".  If you have never experienced Acupuncture before the meditation  would be a great introduction into this alternative medicine.

To schedule an appointment with Paige please call 310.428.4642.  For further information please check out her website at www.DAKINIACUPUNCTURE.COM