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6 Sessions Ionic Detox Foot Bath Package

This Six Sessions of Ionic Detox Foot Bathes is great for one who needs a more intense detox program. Perhaps you need to purge heavy metals, release inflammation, detox organs, boost your energy, improve your immunity, or purge yeast, this a perfect program for you. We have reduced to pricing to $15 per session to make it more affordable. 

Package Price: $89     6 sessions

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Detox Foot Bath & Reflexology 

Two fabulous combinations; the foot bath begins the detoxification process, exciting the cells, enabling reflexology to be more effective.

Package Price: $80   (reg. 90)

Aura Imaging & Energy Healing Combination

Great combination!  View your energy field  and chakras first followed by a energy healing session.  Full session last around 2 hours.

Package Price: $150   (reg 174)

Releasing Energy with Body Work & CranioSacral Therapy Combination

Many clients love this combination package. The massage work can release many deep imbedded trauma in the muscle tissue (choose from either Reflexology or Deep Tissue massage); followed by CST to remove the energy and emotional components.

Package Price: $140    (reg 160)

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