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6 Sessions Ionic Detox Foot Bath Package

This Six Sessions of Ionic Detox Foot Bathes is great for one who needs a more intense detox program. Perhaps you need to purge heavy metals, release inflammation, detox organs, boost your energy, improve your immunity, or purge yeast, this a perfect program for you. We have reduced to pricing to $15 per session to make it more affordable. 

Package Price: $89     6 sessions


Detox Foot Bath & Reflexology 

Two fabulous combinations; the foot bath begins the detoxification process, exciting the cells, enabling reflexology to be more effective.

Package Price: $80   (reg. 90)

Aromatic Hydrotherapy Bathe & Reflexology Combination

Choose a warm aromatic chakra tea to sip on, relax, take your shoes off and slip into a bubbling essential oil bathe for 30 minutes. After which you will receive an hour therapy session of Reflexology, which is one of the oldest healing arts. These three combinations gives you that "take me away" feeling.

Package Price: $80  (reg 90)

Releasing Energy with Body Work & CranioSacral Therapy Combination

Many clients love this combination package. The massage work can release many deep imbedded trauma in the muscle tissue (choose from either Reflexology or Deep Tissue massage); followed by CST to remove the energy and emotional components.

Package Price: $140    (reg 160)

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