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Simple Daily Exercises Can Release " Energy Baggage"

  • Do you feel heavy, or perhaps stuck!   Often our Human Energy fields become heavy with "Energy Baggage". 
  • We carry this energy baggage with us through out the day, through out the months and years, not only does it weight us down, it manifest its self in our lives. 
  • We have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, as well as we absorb energy from those around us at work, from our family, from TV,  from life events and traumas.
  • If we do not clear the energy  from our aura and chakras daily it overwhelms the system, resulting in one becoming  stressed, sick or  diseased. 
  • This "Energy Baggage" creates blockages that inhibit us from receiving "Divine Light" or "Chi" .  
  • The Light is what animates us, without the Light our systems are in chaos and spiritual communications are disrupted or cut off completely. 


Receiving a energy clearing  harmonizes the body and allows "Divine Light" to flow, allowing your own "Self Healing" to occur.  Contact us or book on line  for a Aura and Chakra Clearing, it's the greatest gift you can give yourself.