Healing Oasis, LLC  

A Spirtual Healing Center, Where Love and Light Heals        


Aura and Chakra Clearing
Energy Medicine at Healing Oasis, LLC 
by Beverly Lucas, LMT, CST

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Energy  Medicine is the art and science of sensing and correcting  defects in the energetic field. As the energy healer, I will seek to restore the condition of your energy field to its strong, natural and healthy state. Thereby helping to restore and maintain the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Focused attention is placed on  balancing  and clearing the chakras, the meridians and associated organs.  When one feels totally out of balance this can be a great help!

Fee:  $75.   1/2 hour session       $100. 1 hour session

  • Do you feel heavy, or perhaps stuck!   Often our Human Energy fields become heavy with "Energy Baggage". 
  • We carry this energy baggage with us through out the day, through out the months and years, not only does it weight us down, it manifest its self in our lives.
  • We have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, as well as we absorb energy from those around us at work, from our family, from TV,  from life events and traumas.
  • If we do not clear the energy  from our aura and chakras daily it overwhelms the system, resulting in one becoming  stressed, sick or  diseased.
  • This "Energy Baggage" creates blockages that inhibit us from receiving "Divine Light" or "Chi" .  
  • The Light is what animates us, without the Light our systems are in chaos and spiritual communications are disrupted or cut off completely.