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Aura Imaging at Healing Oasis, LLC Charleston, SC


3-D Aura Images In Live Time at Healing Oasis, LLC

Explore Your Aura and Chakras. What Colors Are You Reflecting?

Example of Human Aura Image
1.  A full range of rainbow colors reflects good health
2. Flowing lines without distortion shows the energy is balanced
3. Clear vivid colors have positive energy
4. Muddy dull colors reflect negative energy
5. Bulges and patterns show energy distortion                                     
6. An abundance of blue and green suggest depleted energy.     
7. The lack of solar colors - orange, yellow, and red suggest depleted energy.                  

Aura Imaging

Healing Oasis is home to one of very few 3-D Aura Photography Systems on the East Coast.  It is incredibly exciting to see your personal aura in live time,  as well as  beneficial to view the overall condition of your energy field and chakra system.  A counselor will review the findings with you as well as offer suggestions as to maintain a healthier energetic system. In addition you will receive a digital photo of your aura to share with friends and family.

Fee: $79.00   1  hr session          Aura Imaging and Energy Healing  Package Available , see Package Deals
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