Healing Oasis, LLC  

A Spirtual Healing Center, Where Love and Light Heals        


About US...........

We've loved every minute of our journey as well as all those who travel with us. This journey has been one of healing and of sharing  through love and light.  Our reward is seeing the dynamic positive changes in the many lives who have passed through our doors. Our vision began in 2010 to create a space that was safe, and loving; providing services for healing on multiple levels.  Words so true to my heart,  is that people will always forget what you say, however 
they will never forget how you make them feel.  

Healing With Divine Light

Healing is our birthright and true healing must happen in totality;  emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well as the physical.  

 I, Beverly Lucas, believe in the power of "OM".  I am a loving conduit for the Divine Light,  which moves through me  in  a dynamic and gentle way.  I am able to call in many Etherial Beings, and animal energies to be present in your behalf.  

I am  an intuitive healer with extensive knowledge of the physical body as well as the  subtle (outer bodies),  with over a decade of experience in  Cranio-Sacral Therapy and other modalities.  

Massage  Therapies

David Lucas, LMT is our strong masculine energy,  his strength and gentleness enables him to perform a powerfully healing massage.  His foot Reflexology techniques speak for themselves as a high point in his portfolio. His passion for all our clients, friends and community is very evident through his actions, commitment and service. His gifts of intuition, strength and a tender compassionate touch is what makes his massage unique and sets him apart from the rest. 


Daniki Acupuncture

by Paige Hetherington, Lac

Daniki Acupuncture is housed within Healing Oasis, for more information please visit www.danikiacupuncture.com or call 310.428.4642


Reiki Master Maureen Donohue of Bodhi Tree Charleston is housed within Healing Oasis. Offering Reiki and Reiki Workshops. Call 843.327.4761 for details.